Best NVR Security System

Are you currently from Singapore and looking for the best NVR security systems? Then you should definitely go for the Revlight Security which provides NVR or network video recorder security system to your home or workplace for the past few years. NVR security system is wireless and allows the user to get a notification in an email while triggering an alarm. Therefore, criminal offences can be easily caught in recent days around the city Singapore.

NVR is nothing but a simple software program which helps to enable the surveillance recording in a digital format and goes direct to the memory card, USB drive or other storage devices. NVR security system can be easily set up and can be accessed through the web too. Now, what you want to know is about the installation of this system. If your system connects with the network router or DHCP server then you have to connect NVR on Ethernet port 1. Revlight Security assures the best quality of NVR security system which offers the highest performance even.

Revlight Security provides three types of NVR systems such as 4 channel NVR, 8 channel NVR and 16 channel NVR security system.

  • 4 channel NVR is used for home, small offices and retail stores which is an entry-level network video recorder. It goes with all IP cameras and does not require any particular hardware or software.
  • Almost similar with 4 channel and 8 channel is only compatible with 8 IP cameras. All you have to do is connect your NVR with LAN connection and it will work smoothly.
  • Sometimes more cameras are needed especially for large office space or for big houses. Then only 16 channel is required there. But you should keep in mind that to record from 16 camera intact you have to arrange a bigger storage device. Otherwise, it works similarly like 4 and 8 channel.

If you need any of NVR security system with quality assurance then contact Revlight Security.

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