CCTV cameras are very essential equipment in popular use these days. They are used to keep a watch over different areas, be it residential places, commercial buildings, shopping malls or any highway or roads with an aim to reduce the incidence of crimes and other mishaps which have increased manifold these days. While you are about to install CCTV cameras at a particular place, it is expected to last for quite a long time. Thus, one must know all the parameters which should be looked into while choosing a CCTV camera. Also, one should know well which type of security system suits best for the place where you want to install them.

Here is a brief guide to help you choose a good CCTV camera for your premises:

  • Price and package:
    • If you are confused about whether to compromise on price or quality, it is wise to compromise on price and pay a bit more when it comes to choosing a security system. Cheap CCTV cameras might be of bad quality and may not give proper recordings while in use and may also break down quite often. It is also important to beforehand whether the cost of installation is included within the package of purchase or not.
    • If you are just beginner and want to start with 2 or 3 systems only then you can discuss your requirements with IT experts at Revlight Security. They will advice you better on selecting the right package that suits to your preferences and budget too.
  • Purpose of the CCTV camera:-
    • Depending on the visibility of the camera, you need to choose what type of camera to be installed. If you want criminals to be aware of the camera and keep themselves away from crime with the fear of being caught, then bullet CCTV cameras are better to be chosen. In order to carry out a discreet surveillance, a dome-shaped camera shall be preferred because they cannot be spotted easily.
  • Understand the resolution of images captured by the camera:-
    • If the camera has to be installed on roads for capturing images of the number plate of a vehicle at a distance, then you should choose HD- quality cameras. To capture images of people or objects only at close distances, an entry-level analogue camera is suitable. You should also choose between wired or wireless surveillance systems.
    • Availability of lighting is yet another factor to be considered before purchasing or choosing a CCTV camera.

Revlight Security is the leading manufacturer and excellent provider of CCTV cameras in Singapore who shall always help you with all the guides and everything else necessary before you choose the perfect security system.

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