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IP Camera is also known as Internet Protocol Cameras and is a digital video camera that generally receives controlled data and thus sends the data images via the Internet and is most likely used for surveillance purpose. And it is easy to connect to a network in a way that is the same as connecting network to devices like laptop and printer.

How the IP Camera Security System Works:

Let us look at the amazing working of the IP Camera which makes it easier to handle and use. Therefore, IP Cameras captures images in the same way as a digital camera and thus compresses the files in order to transmit it over the network and these cameras can be easily used with a wired network which is usually connected through an Ethernet cable or router or a WIFI router.

IP Camera Specification, What’s important:

When opting for a Camera for IP Security and surveillance system it is very important to look for the specifications, which would include the following:

  • Resolution: Therefore, the resolution of a camera is not being defined only by the sensor but also the lens and the electronic circuits used.
  • Megapixel Camera
  • HD Camera
  • Low-Light Sensitivity: It helps to provide a practical image from an IP Camera and are very subjective and depends on what the spectator thinks is a desirable image. The low sensitivity is being determined by the quality of the lens and the lesser the f-number lens the more is the light that it will go through.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: In order to view an area with the challenging light conditions it is always good to opt for a camera that provides us with a wide dynamic range.
  • Frame Rate: Frame rates are not so important but most of the megapixel cameras support with reasonably good frames.
  • PTZ Technology: The PTZ Camera usually has the capability to be tilt, pan, and zoom and provides more flexibility as being compared to the traditional cameras.

How to IP Cameras from a Web Browser:

  • Connect the camera to the network
  • Determine the camera’s IP address
  • With the use of configuration tool find the camera and then change the camera’s IP address
  • Thus, Access the Internet Protocol Camera using the web browser

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