Artificial Intelligence (AI) NVR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) NVR

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  • Embedded Linux System, Industrial Level Embedded Controller
  • Both WEB and Local GUI Similar Menu Operation
  • Support Onvif Protocol IPC
  • Support IPv4, HTTP, NTP, DNS, ONVIF Protocol

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  • Support Max 16ch IPC input, Network Ability: Input 160Mbps,Storage 160Mbps,Transfer 160Mbps, Playback 80Mbps
  • Support 4K/5M/4M/3M/1080P/1.3M/720P IPC Resolution Input
  • Support 16ch x1080P Decoding, Support Max 16ch 1080P Playback.
  • Support 4/8/16 HDD, Each HDD Support Up to 8TB,Can Config to One Disk
  • Support IPC Composite Audio 1ch Input and Output
  • Support 16ch Alarm Input,5ch Alarm Output
  • Support 3 USB Port ,2 USB2.0 in front and 1 USB3.0 in back
  • Support 2 Gigabit Ethernet Port, Support IPC Input by 2 Different Segment IP Address
  • Support Auto-Adjust Fan Speed By Smart Detect Internal Chassis Temperature.
  • Support 8ch(Video Stream or Picture Stream)People, Vehicle, Non-Comparison Control Alarm, People.
  • Gender, Age, Direction, Glasses, Clothes Texture, Style, Color.
  • Vehicle: License, Brand, Model, Year Type, Color, Plate Type, Plate Color, Co-Driver, Phone Call, Safety Belt, Dangerous Chemical, Age Mark and so on
  • Support Advanced Search Picture by Channel, Time, Structured Property and Relate to Video Record Playback
  • Support Search By Images, Can Set related Similarity Threshold To Search
  • Support Black or White List to Realize Real time Control Alarm
  • Support More than 10 Million Data Level Dynamic Lib Search, Search Result In One Second From the Million Dynamic Lib Data.
  • Target Search Out Rate Daytime >93%,Nighttime>90%; Target Search Out Failure Rate Daytime<3%,Nighttime<5%


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