Solar Wind Power System

Solar Wind Power System


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  • Powered by single-crystal line silicon 60W solar panels, compared to polysilicon solar panels with higher efficiency in photovoltaic conversion.
  • The use of 200W three-phase AC permanent magnet wind turbine, at low wind speed can also be normal power generation.
  • Solar power supply with wind power, to achieve complementary scenery, maximize the maximum battery life.
  • Configuration 48AH iron phosphate lithium battery pack, efficient, stable and safe.
  • Battery pack configuration intelligent constant current power supply module, to ensure the battery pack’s efficient and stable output while improving the stability of the device, further improve the battery pack energy utilization, up to 90% utilization rate.
  • Built-in new intelligent controller, automatic activation of the battery, to solve the problem of battery unlocked after death due to emptying of the battery can not be activated

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The P60WFP200W48AH is a + wind powered system that effectively reduces construction costs and time.


Parameters / Model P60WFP200W48AH
Solar panels
Solar panels 60W monocrystalline silicon solar panel
Solar panel material Tempered glass, outdoor waterproof
Operating voltage 21.6V
Wind turbines
Rated power 200W
Maximum power 210W
Rated voltage 145
Start-up wind speed 3.0m/s
Rated wind speed s15m/s
Safe wind speed 60m/s
Blade materials Nylon fiber
Generator Three-phase ALTERNATER permanent magnet generator
Controller brake system Overspeed three-phase short-circuit braking system
Battery pack
Battery pack 48AH high-performance iron phosphate lithium battery (built-in intelligent control chip, effectively equalizing core capacity, extending core life)
Rated voltage 12V
Operating temperature -35degrees C to-75degrees C
Controller Built-in new battery controller with 12Vrated output voltage for overvoltage, overheating, short-circuit protection
Supports three sets of voltage current display, battery status at a glance


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