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Benefits of Using Surveillance Camera Security System for Home Security

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) could be a security closed-circuit television that uses video cameras to transmit signal to a particular location on a restricted set of monitors that’s not for public viewing. In exceptional cases, CCTV can transmit signals to the public through wireless network and point to point locations. Uses of this surveillance tool is to monitor for any suspicious activity in areas like Banks, Government houses, Malls and areas where it is directed to carry out a surveillance.

Surveillance Security System – Guide

The CCTV is so important that it has become rampant all over the world mainly to check security. Over the years the CCTV has evolved and is becoming smaller. Recently, a new form of CCTV surveillance camera has been introduced. It can be worn on the body, undetected by onlookers and mostly used in the law enforcement during a special criminal investigation.

A more advanced form of the CCTV surveillance CMS has been developed, utilizing digital video recorders (DVRs) to provide crisp video recordings even after many years of use. It possesses motion detection and other awesome features that increases the performance of the surveillance cameras.

The IP camera recording software are also equipped with superb quality megapixel sensors that support recording directly to external storage device.

10 Benefits ofIP Cameras for Home Security

An IP camera or Internet Protocol Cameras are types of digital video cameras that records data,receives data and sends data via the Internet. IP cameras are mostly used for surveillance.IP cameras does the recording through a network video recorder and stores the data in an external storage or a local storage media. IPcameras can record at a higher resolution which makes zooming possible and offers the opportunity to go through your videos and images recorded through an NVR.

IP cameras used for home security are indoor security system. These are indoor CCTV cameras that are used within the parameters of an enclosed space or used indoors, for example in homes. These cameras are wireless and are sometimes impossible to notice. It can also send alarm signals to your smartphone so you do not need to worry about someone breaking into your home or engaging in any clandestine activity in your absence. Below are the benefits of using an IP camera in a home;

  • Protects your home and your property
  • In the first place, the main reason for wanting to install an IP CCTV camera in your home is to safeguard your home and property from burglars. Nearly one in every three homes without a CCTV are victims of burglary incident. Installing a CCTV security camera will shut the door against burglary.

  • Useful In Monitoring Energy consumption
  • An IP CCTV camera when installed in a home can be used to manage how energy is being used. CCTV can shut down running appliances when you are absent or when you forgot to turn them off.

  • Protective Against Fire Outbreak
  • Apart from just keeping your home and property safe, installing a home security system can also protect you from fire incidence. An indoor security camera can give you warning signals by detecting smoke. It can also give you signal if it detects any form of heat through the heat detector that is installed alongside it.

  • Protects you from carbon monoxide Poisoning
  • A CCTV can protect you from inhaling a dangerous gas like carbon monoxide that can lead to poisoning and death. Carbon monoxide detectors can be installed alongside a CCTV and are effective in detecting combustion fumes.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Installing a CCTV will give you unlimited access to monitor your home wherever you want while you are away. This will give you the assurance that everything is alright.

  • Encourages Home Automation
  • Home security system installation will make your home look tidy and technologically smart. Home security system includes features like door locks, light controls etc. which you can put on a schedule.

  • Lets you have a 360° view of your home and its surroundings
  • Home security system with indoor and CCTV cameras lets you have a full view of any event occurring on the inside and outside.

  • Medical Emergencies
  • A home security system with an IP camera can be programmed to beep when concerns are raised about a person’s medical condition. The notification can call for an emergency team or ambulance to attend to the patient faster.This is useful for those who live alone or for older people.

  • Reduces Insurance Premiums
  • Installing a home security system can make an insurance company give a homeowner a huge discount. Insurance policies are good to prevent damages or losses but the cost varies on the type of home, location and if the home has a security camera system.

  • Increases the worth of the home
  • Having a home security camera system can increase the value of your home if you want to sell it. This will enable the buyer to purchase the home with the restof mind, knowing that it’s secured irrespective of the location.

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