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An IP CCTV Camera Security System is capable of sending visual signals over a network at a faster speed and has a larger information transfer capacity than would be possible in the case of an analog signal being sent to a DVR. These network surveillance systems afford us innumerable benefits and have indeed revolutionized the security industry.



An IP CCTV camera security system is easier to scale largely because of the way it has been built to operate. It employs an NVR (network video recorder) and a single switch to control cameras within a particular range, and this reduces the length of cables that would be used by the system, reduce installation time and consequently maintenance cost.

Improved Storage Capabilities

IP cameras have a range of storage options that make it even more reliable. Users can choose to store their surveillance footage remotely (Cloud storage) or with the network video recorder (NVR).

IP Camera

An IP camera security system affords its users the opportunity to perform complex analytic based on certain parameters. Certain security events can be easily flagged like motion detection or incidence of the camera being tampered with without having to look through all camera footage.


There are two distinct IP camera packages; these cameras are classified based on their structure.

Dome IP Camera

These are network cameras that are shaped like a dome and often installed on the side of walls.

Bullet IP Camera

These are network cameras that are shaped like a bullet and often come in a miniature size of 2 to 2.5 inches. They have lenses of fixed focal lengths and are otherwise called lipstick cameras.


Camera resolution is one of the key areas that IP CCTV cameras dominate the average analogue cameras, and the general rule is that the higher the resolution, the greater the video quality. Analog cameras have a maximum resolution of 0.9 megapixels while megapixel cameras have a wide range of resolutions to choose from with the minimum being 2 megapixels. The difference is crystal clear!

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