CCTV cameras find widespread use in different places like homes, commercial work institutions, school buildings, residential complexes, shopping hubs and even or main roads and highways. They are installed at different places to reduce the incidence of crimes which have otherwise increased in number to a great extent. Different types of cameras are available in the market and you can install the one which suits best to your requirements. Revlight Security in Singapore is a provider of excellent quality CCTV cameras. Also, they have professionals who shall help you with guidance to choose the perfect one according to your needs.

We shall now discuss some of the advantages of modern-day CCTV cameras-


This is the most recognised benefit of CCTV cameras. Besides being able to monitor the premises, it is a warning to trespassers entering the premises with wrong intentions. By spotting a CCTV camera in the premises, the burglar or the thief shall become aware of being noticed and would run away from the place. It is better to prevent intrusion rather than dealing with it after it has occurred.


If CCTV cameras are installed at your home, chances of any burglary or robbery are reduced to a great extent. Consequently, the chances of claiming insurance are also reduced. Therefore, their rates would go down manifold.


CCTV cameras monitor the activities of people in areas where they are installed. This promotes a sense of security and also peace of mind in areas where chances of crimes are more. Nowadays, wireless CCTV cameras are also found which can be operated from smartphone or tablets.


If a criminal activity is suspicious, having CCTV cameras installed at the premises can help the investigating body gather evidence and information of what happened on the spot.


In cases of both residential and commercial disputes, footage from a CCTV camera can be helpful. The truth cannot be demeaned there and people seeking justice shall surely get so.


If anyone is busy with a hectic schedule and does not get time to view the recordings daily, he or she can view it anytime later because CCTV cameras keep records of footages stored for at least 3 months.

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