Explosion-proof High Speed Dome Camera(Scorpion)

Explosion-proof High Speed Dome Camera(Scorpion)

Model: TPHQ-EX-S1080P






  • Small volume, light weight, flexible installation
  • Based on 5 mega pixel 1/2.8″CMOS sensor, 2 mega effective piexl, with faster operation speed digital processor, it can compress bigger size and more clear pictures
  • Photographic properties improved substantially, the Minimum illumination as low as colour 0.001Lux@F1.2
  • The fourth generation newest broad dynamic technology,dynamic range greater than 75dB,effects increase obviously
  • 5m-15m visible infrared distance, high quality image showed even in badly lighting areas
  • Process the original signal through 3D digital noise reduction technology so as to make crisp, bright pictures at night
  • Automatic IR CUT conversion day and night, high quality pictures with clear vivid colors, sync infrared lights keep the pictures excellent at night
  • Aviation high strength polycarbonate explosion-proof half dome housing, flux rate higher than 93%
  • 304 stainless steel with original color surface treatment, corrosion-proof

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Application Environments

Applicable for the factories having the explosive mixtures formed from class IIA,IIB and IIC T1-T6 group flammable gas, steam with air in area No.1 , No.2, and appearing the explosive hazardous area due to the mixture of flammable dust and air in area No.20,No.21 and No.22,such as oil field, chemical plant, port, oil storage, steamship, oil drilling platform, gas stations, coal mine, aviation, military, medicine, steel, firecrackers production, machinery, food processing and storage and so on.


Model TPHQ-EX-S1080P
Mechanical Features
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Surface Treatment Original Stainless Steel Color, Electropolishing Optional
Ingress Protection IP68
Horizontal Manual Adjustable Range 360°
Vertical Manual Adjustable Range ±45°
Interface Spec G-1/2″
Method of Installation Ceiling Type & Column Mounting & Wall Mounting
Electrical Features
Power Supply DC12V
Camera Image Sensor
Signal-to-Noice Ratio
5 mega pixel 1/2.8“CMOS sensor
Rated Temperature (-30℃,+70℃)
Atmospheric Pressure 80-106KPa
Realative Humidity ≤95%RH(+25℃)


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